The Capital of The United Kingdom in Google Street View. The best panoramic views of London – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tamiza, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey,Palace of Westminster. These are just a few of the London attractions that you will see in spherical street view photos on map. Take a virtual walk with the Google Maps.

London is a city of many sights and attractions, which you can now see in Street View photos. Google Street View cars have photographed the entire city, so you can see all corners of this great, world metropolis without leaving your home.

In this article you will see the most interesting photos of the Street view of London with descriptions. If you want to see more, just click “View in Google Maps” in the upper left corner of the photo.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is recognised around the world as the home of The Queen, the focus of national and royal celebrations as well as the backdrop to the regular Changing the Guard ceremony.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge was built over 125 years ago to ease road traffic while maintaining river access to the busy Pool of London docks. The bridge is built with giant movable roadways that lift up for passing ships, it is to this day considered an engineering marvel and beyond being one of London’s favourite icons. It is arguably one of the most famous and instantly recognisable structures in the entire world.

Big Ben and Palace of Westminister

Big Ben is probably the world’s most famous clock. That iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable and is one of the most Instagrammed landmarks on the planet.

Six monarchs and 41 prime ministers have come and gone since the bells first struck their now familiar music across Westminster.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery is collection of more than 2,600 paintings. It’s really worth seeing. At least virtually.

Tower of London

London’s iconic castle and World Heritage Site without the usual crowds. Get up close to the Crown Jewels, meet the legendary Yeoman Warders and ravens and see the Tower like never before.

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