Los Angeles

Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels, is California’s most densely populated area. You will visit here, among others Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, and Griffith Observatory.


Hollywood – the world’s most famous symbol of the entertainment industry – attracts tourists with attractions such as the TCL Chinese Theater and the famous Walk of Fame. Highlights include the Paramount Pictures headquarters, historic concert halls – like the Hollywood Bowl – and the Dolby Theater, which is the venue for the annual Academy Awards. Amateurs of good entertainment can choose from improvised comedy performances, popular retro bars and elegant nightclubs. The local Thai restaurants are popular among the locals.

Hollywood Sign

The most famous Hollywood sign in the world, located on the slope of Mount Lee in Los Angeles, is perfectly visible from virtually every point of the City of Angels.

Beverly Hills

Another California icon, Beverly Hills, like Hollywood (which is only a short distance away, by the way) owes its fame to a large extent to cinema and television. The city of luxury, with wide boulevards lined with palm trees, has served as the film set for many blockbuster movies, including Pretty Woman and Beverly Hills Cop, as well as the hugely popular Beverly Hills 90210 series.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the districts of Los Angeles located right on the waterfront and at the same time the name of one of the most beautiful beaches in California. The district was built in 1905 on the outskirts of Los Angeles as a tourist resort. It was strongly inspired by Italian motifs, which is why in the town there were created canals similar to the Venetian ones, on which boats and gondolas sailed. Currently, Venice Beach is a district that attracts artists and people who are very relaxed about life. It is especially worth taking a stroll in the afternoon along the Ocean Front Walk, when the rays of the Californian sun illuminate the ocean beautifully. There is also a well-known skatepark, an open-air gym and many sports fields.

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