Map of night train connections in Europe

Map of night train connections in Europe

Year by year, there is an increasing number of overnight train connections in Europe, which often serve as not only the sole travel option between two cities but also an intriguing alternative to travel by plane or car. Thanks to the website, we can see how extensive the network of these connections currently is in Europe.

Rail travel is experiencing a renaissance lately and becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. Currently, there are over 100 overnight train connections in Europe. There are several reasons for this growing popularity, including the expansion of connections and infrastructure development, leading to more comfortable travel and shorter journey times. As a result, trains are becoming a more appealing and environmentally friendly alternative to airplanes. However, ticket prices for overnight connections remain a significant issue for travelers, often reaching high costs.

The visualization presented on the website is comprehensive and offers various useful features for trip planning. Upon entering the website, users encounter a map of Europe illustrating overnight rail lines along with major cities served by these trains. In areas where there is a high density of connections, map legibility might be a challenge, but this issue can be resolved by hovering over the desired connection, which will then be displayed prominently.

For detailed information about a specific connection, clicking on it anywhere on the map is necessary. This action will open a window containing essential data about the selected route. Information includes details about stops along the route, the carrier operating the connection, departure and arrival times, train frequency, and amenities available (such as sleeper or dining cars). However, from the perspective of those planning an overnight journey, the most crucial function is the ability to seamlessly transition from the visualization to the carrier’s website, facilitating the purchase of travel tickets.

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